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Our Mission

Our mission and goal is to provide the end-user with a unique set of simply designed tools that will empower them to view and utilize their data in a meaningful way. The combination of comprehensive datasets, expert analysis, and a practical approach to servicing our clients’ needs are key to helping turn insight into action. Our aim is to improve the means by which our clients can improve gaps in care which will result in higher yields and enhanced quality outcomes.

Our Vision

To pioneer a bold new path that will allow the full integration of data, informatics, and health information to promote the highest quality of care delivery for everyone. We can achieve this through the valiant use of new technologies that will enlighten and engage health care providers and professionals with one unified and simple platform.

The Future

The Future is brightest for those who blaze new trails and shift paradigms. The advanced use of technology and the availability of simple yet powerful tools will enable a user to unify their data. This will promote greater efficiency and communication amongst all health care delivery providers and models. We stand on the threshold of bridging the gaps that have kept healthcare data from playing a role in healthcare delivery. Closing this gap is an exciting endeavor that we will continue to pursue until it is simple, cost effective, and accessible for all care models.

MedCloud Depot - Our Dream & Our VisionMedCloud Depot - Our Dream & Our Vision

MedCloud Depot was founded on the principle that healthcare data has the power to change perceptions and shift paradigms. The current methodology of viewing, analyzing, and working with complex data sets in many cases is still rooted in outdated technology and manual processes.  The goal of delivering meaningful, thought provoking information in an easy-to-use tool is a hefty one at that. Most analysts are either clinical or financial in nature and so the tools that have been created often cater to one or the other.

Why not both? It was our vision to truly bring about simplicity of design, ease and familiarity of use, and complete data integration to the hands of everyone within a healthcare organization. This led us to bring a team of exceptional people together to create something truly unique in the industry. Our experience spans decades and includes proficiencies in every area of the healthcare delivery system. It is with this multi-faceted team approach and commitment to our customers that we were born.

As early as 1990 our team members have been given the opportunity to work in the healthcare arena. Our combined resume includes experience in the most important facets of Healthcare Operations, Finance, Healthcare I.T., and of course Systems design and Development. MedCloud Depot was formed in 2014 and is the creative vision of Alexis Cedeno and Angel Sanabria. As true visionaries Alexis and Angel set out to create a product that they knew would change the way people work and the way they look at information. As part of this vision they realized they needed to bring the latest technology combined with innovative computer programming techniques to build something truly special.  As the vision became reality the 3rd piece of the puzzle came along in the form of an experienced healthcare operator named Rudy Hernandez. Rudy’s experience in managing healthcare practices along with Alexis and Angel proved to be a formidable combination. This unique blend of experience and insight allows the system to cater to people in different roles and in multiple settings within a healthcare organization.

Our signature product is called “Syncrasy” which is a powerful web-based data analytics engine that supplies risk-based providers with the tools to manage their business across multiple platforms. So regardless of the data structure, the Plan, the Provider, the organization, or the line of business, Syncrasy brings all of the elements together in a beautifully designed, simple, intuitive user interface. Today’s clinical practice is in a state of constant challenge. The ever-changing regulatory landscape places heavy burdens on being able to successfully practice medicine and also manage the large amounts of data published by most health plans. Our solutions channel this data into a simple reporting system that is fully integrated, portable, fast and effective. Our proprietary data integration protocols empower the physicians to get a complete picture of their performance without having to extrapolate data from multiple sources. This is important to a fast-paced environment as it will save time, effort, and improve efficiency amongst doctors and staff.

How It All Began!

Who are we?

We are a team of highly motivated and talented people with a wide range of experience in every facet of healthcare. We are innovative thinkers and problem solvers…individually good and collectively great!

Why do we do it?

We believe in the power of people and technology. Unity and innovation…together with a host of powerful tools we firmly believe we can effect change and shift paradigms.

What do we do?

We provide a powerful web-based Clinical & Analytical Tool for the value-based, managed care healthcare practice. Smart, easy-to-use, and intuitive. Designed to empower and engage everyone in the organization.

What are our values?

To provide powerful tools that enhance insight to promote efficiency, quality, and opportunity for improvement in every spectrum of the healthcare practice.  We leverage our experience and abilities to develop products that provide support and simplify information that can be used to improve healthcare outcomes

Despite our milestones we continue to look for new innovations and new goals for the ongoing development of our suite of products. Our company philosophy provides for the ongoing education of our Associates and the effortless sharing of information amongst our team so as to embrace new ideas and concepts in data management.  We believe that the result of this are products that leverage technology and provide support to the healthcare organization in areas where it matters most. As the landscape of healthcare continues to evolve so will MedCloud Depot and its commitment to our clients, associates, and technology partners.

Syncrasy – One powerful application with one goal. The ability to see all your health plans’ data in one place with one simple, intuitive user interface. Empower your team and empower your organization!

Don't Just Take Our Word For ItDon't Just Take Our Word For It