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The term “Compliance” can mean many different things within the spectrum of healthcare delivery. Our area of expertise and focus is in the area of Information Technology Compliance measures. The data that healthcare providers and their teams work with on a daily basis are extremely confidential in nature and the government has outlined specific measures that need to be taken to protect it.
Unfortunately, many practices have neither the time nor the expertise to figure out all of the necessary controls needed to safeguard their practice. At MedCloud Depot we specialize in the safeguarding of data and have designed specific audits designed to find these vulnerabilities. Some of the areas that we review are as follows:

Enterprise Solutions for Privacy, Technology, & Physical SafeguardsEnterprise Solutions for Privacy, Technology, & Physical Safeguards

  • App Servers
  • Network Devices (Firewalls, Switches, Routers)
  • Critical Devices
  • Firewall Rules
  • System Policies for Patching & Updates
  • Inspection of EMAIL systems & Protocols
  • Backup Setup & Restoration Testing
  • Disaster Recovery Plan & Documentation
  • Guest Access Policies
  • Third Party Connections & Permissions
  • Asset Audit
  • Physical Security Audits and Controls

As most successful compliance programs go there has to be a union and synergy between hardware and associate compliance. The internal policies created must be aligned to the HIPAA security and training standards set by the Federal government. At MedCloud Depot we help make sure your data and your organization are protected. As part of our ongoing auditing and recommendations process we provide input on:

  • Assigned Security Responsibility
  • HIPAA Organizational Charting
  • Associate Training
  • Document Management
  • Business Associate Agreements (BAA’s)
  • Facility I.T. Systems Audit Results

The Federal laws governing the safety and security of healthcare data have set strict standards that must be adhered to by health providers, administrative personnel, and all downstream entities. Failure to do so has its share of imposable fines and even greater penalties for enterprise level violations. Data integrity and security is everyone’s responsibility. In order to schedule your complete practice evaluation and assessment please reach out to us at

For a complete review of the documentation and entire article on the HIPAA HITECH Act and its components please visit the HHS.GOV site at this link: