Data Encryption & Security

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At MedCloudDepot the safety and security of our client’s data is paramount. As part of our operating policy all emails containing member specific health and financial information are encrypted and password protected.
Examples of the elements of these types of data also known as PHI (Protected Health Information) or PII (Personally Identifiable Information) include but are not limited to:

Protect , Safeguard and Secure your most important assets!Protect , Safeguard and Secure your most important assets!

  1. Personal and demographic information (Name, SSN, Address)
  2. Payment of Benefits
  3. Provider Information
  4. Diagnostic or Clinical Treatment information
  5. Claims data or detail
  6. Lab Results
  7. Medication History or detail

The use of encrypted and password protected email allows us to share information with our clients quickly and safely. This reliable and effective form of communication helps maintain our commitment to the protection of confidential member specific information.

The method of encrypting email data is varied and is available on many different levels. The type used by MedCloud Depot renders the message “unreadable” to any third party who might attempt to intercept it. The only way the message can be properly viewed is by the recipient for whom the message is intended. MedCloud Depot also incorporates the use of password protected files so that the data being sent is given multiple layers of protection. This method is very effective in combating fraud and unauthorized viewing of sensitive information. In addition, all of our incoming and outgoing email messages are scanned for potential threats to our infrastructure.

When it comes to sending and receiving sensitive information sometimes the best weapon for prevention is not to send the information at all. At MedCloud Depot we will often connect directly to a client’s machine so that the only ones who can see the information is the client and our support team. This removes all unseen variables from the equation and allows for a secure connection for training, personal assistance, and or Q&A sessions.

Our signature product is designed for the organization to be able to control who has access to specific information within the application. Site Administrators are able to enter and update users, assign specific functionalities, and even more important assign access to specific gatekeeper contract keys and specific reports. These features along with enterprise level user access policies provide the organization with the ability to manage who has access to their information.  Group level access policies also allow specific departments to have access to specific areas of the system based on their roles within the organization. This makes Syncrasy a completely adaptable solution to any managed care provider group or company

All users of Syncrasy authenticate with a user defined password that is encrypted. The Syncrasy application is deployed through a secured user portal that meets or exceeds all HIPAA safety protocols.  Our Safety and Security Officer’s credentials include working for the Federal Government maintaining, updating, and creating Security Policies for some of the most sensitive government databases in the United States. Our partnership with Microsoft assures that we receive and install the latest security updates on a daily basis.MedCloud Depot understands the need for using and deploying the latest encryption and security protocols and has made significant investments to maintain client confidentiality, data integrity, and security on every level.

Some of the major components of our Network Security include the following from our security and safety partners:

  • Encryption is used to help secure data in transit between datacenters and all users.
  • We have implemented additional encryption using a range of approaches including site keys and multi-factor identification.
  • Specialized monitoring of access patterns to identify and mitigate potential threats.
  • The use of compliant, independently verified services help to streamline compliance for the infrastructure and all of our applications. The review and monitoring of audit reports and compliance packages provide insight and assist with meeting or exceeding specific regulatory standards.
  • Every key stroke from every user is recorded in our system complete with a date and time stamp. Easily identify the user, the file, the action, and the steps taken from the exact IP, physical location and PC. We provide a complete user auditing and tracking capability that is critical to any organization that stores and depends on its healthcare data for reporting purposes.

In other words, the safety and security of your data is paramount to MedCloud Depot. We also invest heavily for ongoing CE (continuing education) for our team members and our security experts. The world of online security is an ever changing one and it is important to always stay ahead of any potential threats to the environment. Our suite of applications designed for the clinical and financial analysis of healthcare data is not only intuitive and cost effective for any organization, but it is also secured using the most modern methods for data security, integrity, and safety.  

Many of our competitors do not have the infrastructure or the personnel to provide this kind of protection and ongoing commitment to your sensitive data.  At MedCloud Depot we feel this initiative is equally as important as the capabilities of our products. For a demo of our product that includes an overview of our security features and protocols please reach out to our support team via phone at 786-601-4656 or email at

HIPAA / HITECH Security Rule (Excerpts from HHS.GOV)

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) required the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to develop regulations protecting the privacy and security of certain health information....