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Syncrasy HighlightsSyncrasy Highlights

Syncrasy Highlights is a mobile app with Financial and Clinical Dashboards features for at-risk primary care medical practices. Powerful technology that delivers insight designed to promote improved outcomes and enhanced cost efficiency.

The Syncrasy solution is designed to be flexible and mobile while providing the highest levels of support for the healthcare community. Our streamlined and simple end-user interface reduces the learning curve while improving the user experience. Syncrasy provides reports at multiple levels for membership, claims expense, IBNR, funding, and hospital utilization. Everyone from the clinical practitioner to the healthcare executive can examine their organization’s data from a high-level view using our distinctive dashboards. These are designed to deliver a unique snapshot of each area of the medical practice. Syncrasy brings all of your data in one HIPAA Compliant solution designed to be your one stop for all of your reporting needs.

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Membership Trends


Funding Balances

Hospital Utilization

Pharmacy Expenses

Hospital Utilization

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