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The challenges and daily tasks that physicians face in healthcare can be daunting. Finding a balance where one can manage patient care, review contracts, analyze data, and handle administrative burdens has become a highly difficult task.

Today’s healthcare arena and its demands has created an environment of constant change and evermore complex regulatory requirements that are difficult to keep pace with and adhere to. MedCloud Depot has several highly experienced staff members that can provide helpful insight and assistance with developing a model that is both efficient and profitable for today’s risk-based primary care physician groups. Our in-depth evaluation of your practice and our highly focused approach at implementation has helped several practices make significant improvement in the following areas:

Maximize your Practice Potential & EfficiencyMaximize your Practice Potential & Efficiency

  • Center Operations
  • Administrative Structure
  • Workflow Processes & Procedures
  • Risk-based Financial Objectives
  • EMR/EHR Implementation and Optimization
  • Information Technology Policies
  • Policy & Procedure Creation and Implementation
  • Review of Capitation & Fee-For-Service arrangements
  • Appointment Schedules & Philosophy
  • Patient Flow & Efficiency
  • Employee Role descriptions and responsibilities
  • Review of critical Processes
    • Daily Admissions Review
    • Triage Process
    • No-Shows
    • Pre-Visit Planning
  • Physician Availability and Access
  • Scope of Services Provided
  • Practice Organization & Staffing
  • EMR Optimization
  • Daily Practice Reporting
  • Technology needs & Support
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Employee Engagement, Mentoring, & Training

At MedCloud Depot our consulting team has a unified objective and that is to help you maximize the potential of your practice.

So whether your needs are process or administratively related we can help. For an evaluation of your practice please contact us at