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One powerful application with one goal. Syncrasy is a fully-integrated data warehouse solution which empowers the user for both clinical and financial reporting.

The ability to see all of your various health plans data in one place with one simple intuitive user interface. Empower your team and empower your organization. Syncrasy provides the user with the ability to analyze their data with highly specialized filters designed for simplicity. Claims data is now quantifiable and flexible to the user's individual analytical needs.
Syncrasy Highlights
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Our company’s signature product is called “Syncrasy” which is a web-based tool designed to provide advanced analytical features to help value-based managed care companies improve their outcomes, financial performance, and focus their resources for positive change. Syncrasy is a fully-integrated data warehouse solution which empowers the user for both clinical and financial reporting.  Some of the main features of the system are as follows:

  • Advanced dynamic reporting features and filters designed for ease-of-use and enhanced reporting capabilities.
  • Customized Executive Dashboards
  • Mobile phone apps designed for ease-of-access based on employee roles.
  • Fully Integrated data across multiple payors that allows for a universal view of performance by Provider, Center or Location, and Organization.
  • Advanced exporting features designed for further review and analysis.
  • Multiple and customizable report views and layouts.
  • Clinical Laboratory data reporting to enhance clinical interventions and plans.
  • Unified Patient Summaries created for Pre-Visit planning and data capture that is essential for Medicare Risk Adjustment (MRA) opportunities.
  • Capitation versus Fee-For-Service Analysis
  • Financial Balances and Performance Reports
  • Incurred but not Reported Data
  • Pharmacy Reporting and Analysis
  • Analysis of Chronic Conditions and Patient Compliance
  • Hospital Days and E.R. Utilization Reporting
  • Complete Patient Funding Analysis
  • Medicare ACO Reporting
  • Data Transfer to EMR capabilities that reduce data entry for physicians and staff.
  • Ongoing enhancements and updates based on over 45 years of operational and healthcare information I.T. experience included at no additional cost to the organization.
  • Accessible in multiple environments and any web-browser with internet connectivity.
  • Advanced data integrity and security features designed to protect healthcare data.
  • Multi-Stage data encryption and backup so your data is always safe, available, and accessible.

One of the greatest challenges facing healthcare providers today is the lack of standardization for data from different payors. Syncrasy brings unity and integration to this very complex problem. Our proprietary algorithms and advanced business rules provide for the unification of data across multiple platforms.  This empowers the risk-based healthcare provider to run reports regardless of payor, line of business, or contract to arrive at a universal view of their performance. Analyze complex data at the click of a mouse and collaborate with your peers to improve outcomes across the complete spectrum of care.

Syncrasy brings together all of the data elements from multiple payors and platforms and creates a patient summary designed to give the healthcare provider a “complete” view of the care received by a patient. This information enables physicians to promote proper planning and data capture which is necessary to improve and maintain a patient’s MRA (Medicare Risk Adjusted) score. This is a fundamental component of financial success for every risk-based provider or group.

The advancement of today’s technology has brought with it convenience but also rising concerns over the security of personal information. MedCloud Depot has made significant investments to ensure the ongoing security of your data. As part of the basic features of all of our products we provide the following:

  • Complete HIPAA Security Tools aligned with the HIPAA HITECH rule designed to keep sensitive healthcare data safe.
  • Encrypted SSL Web Site Certificates for Enhanced Security.
  • Design includes specific Roles designed to allow the large providers to create access to specific groups of users. This feature also includes User level specific controls deigned to allow flexibility when granting access to specific reports or unique functionalities within the system.
  • Complete tracking and auditing features designed to provide auditing tools at the user level. Every key-stroke by every user and from the exact location is retained by the system. This creates accountability and helps to maintain corporate alignment and integrity.
  • Ongoing partnership with Microsoft and Apple IoS to always provide the latest security updates that maintain data integrity and prevent vulnerability.

Unlimited 24/7 Support, Remote or onsite Training, updates and ongoing system enhancements are all included.

Syncrasy provides the user with the ability to analyze their data with highly specialized filters designed for simplicity. These “dynamic” filters allow for the information to be immediately displayed reflecting the data that the user wants to see. The concept of these filters is based on both clinical and financial input from our subject matter experts. After careful analysis and thought to design we have created a reporting system that is designed to be flexible and powerful all in one simple and beautifully designed interface. 
Claims reports are no longer just hard-coded sets of data to be reviewed. Claims data is now quantifiable and flexible to the user’s individual analytical needs. Manageable data designed to improve outcomes and performance.  In addition all data is exportable in any number of windows formats for continued research and analysis.  Syncrasy also provides uniquely tailored reporting for the Medicare ACO business as well as multiple risk-based payors.