Rudy Hernandez

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Rudy Hernandez

Rudy Hernandez

Job Title: Chief Operations Officer


Rudy Hernandez is Chief Operations Officer at MedCloud Depot. Rudy’s focus is the strategic planning and growth of the company with an emphasis on building a strong team and solid foundation. He has over 25 years of management and operations experience in the healthcare industry. Rudy brings a team-centered approach and an in-depth view of the challenges facing medical offices today. The unique perspective gained from this experience gives the company a unique advantage to developing new solutions for the group practice.

“Physicians and group practice professionals in all areas of the healthcare arena face constant obstacles in their drive for excellence. Our unique and simple solutions help to bridge this gap with specialized tools designed to deliver data that is driven to produce results.

In the last 25 years I have been fortunate to have worked with many talented professionals who have mentored me in many ways. Just before I came to MedCloud Depot I worked as a Regional Administrator for CAC CARE Medical Centers in Miami, Florida. In this position I oversaw all of the aspects of the daily operations of the medical practices in our group. Prior to this I was the Administrator for the Medical Plaza centers for almost 20 years. The unique perspective of managing these practices has given me a special insight into the needs of both physicians and administrators alike. The strive for excellence in medical outcomes, quality care, customer service, and financial success are truly difficult endeavors in today’s fluctuating environment.

As a Group Practice Administrator I have had the privilege of working on a number of exciting projects that have broadened my experience. I have implemented a complete E.H.R. solution in all of our group practices and have also been involved in data migrations from one EHR to another. At CAC I also had the opportunity to participate and implement new approaches to engage and enrich the work-lives of our Associates. The Disney Institute was one such project that allowed me to gain an amazing insight into this process. I have also gained extensive experience in the various disciplines of today’s medical practice including administration, staffing, finance, and project management. My focus continues to be finding solutions and implementing new technologies to fit the growing needs of our clients. “

MedCloud Depot is an exciting new technology company with an emphasis on managed care based solutions for health care companies, physicians, physician groups, and MSO’s. To speak to or connect with Rudy check out his complete profile on LinkedIn.